Saturday, March 19, 2011

Recent books. One.

For the past six months I haven't been reading anything for pleasure. I had work to do which included reading, writing and, mostly, starring at my laptop screen and when I wanted to read for pleasure (which, really, rarely happened because once I reached home all I wanted to do was veg out in front of the TV) I read blogs (my very neglected blogroll accounts for that). I will tell you of my favorite ones some other time.

Because right now, it's about a book I rewarded myself with when the end of my learning and "Not-for-pleasure"-reading was over:

Nightstand reading.

I have wanted to buy "A Homemade Life - Stories and Recipes from my kitchen table" by Molly Wizenberg ever since it came out. 
I didn't buy it then because - given the chance - I'll always go for the paperback version of a book. It's just something I do.
It's one of those books where you feel the author is reading to you. Or as if she was telling you these stories while you cook together in her kitchen.
It helps to know Molly's voice which is easy because she has a podcast, Spilled Milk, in cooperation with Matthew Amster-Burton, and it's a delight to listen to them talking about food. On numerous evenings during my commute home I would switch my ipod to one of their episodes. They are funny, these two, and it's difficult to keep a straight face in the train when you listen to them talk about and sample cereals. Or scary foods. Or Bacon.

But about that book: "A Homemade Life" is a very personal book. Molly talks about her childhood, her teenage years, how she experienced her father's death, how she met her husband, how they got married. Every essay ends with a recipe sometimes two. She writes essays in an effortless manner with great attention to detail without burdening the reader with too much information. It isn't an always easy book. I loved every story of it.
In a way, the book is like a continuation of her fantastic blog Orangette. She shares not only recipes with us but also stories of her every day life. And as for the recipes: They are easy, non fussy, every day recipes that - despite the lack of pictures - become appealing thanks to Molly's exceptional style of writing.
She is writing a second book which I hope comes out soon. (And I might just break my rule of buying paperbacks only.)

Just today I finished reading it. And next up: "My life in France" by Julia Child, another memoir, another great woman.

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